Waiting for Heron

The countdown to the release of Ubuntu Hardy Heron is on here. I've had a couple of ex-windows boxes sitting around for the last couple of months, hard drives all cleaned off in preparation. One of them used to be my main work machine at home, a 2.5Ghz P4 w/3G RAM, and the other was my home theater box running a 2.4Ghz hyper threading CPU with 2G of RAM. And while the HTPC's replacement system, a 2.6Ghz Dual Core is now happily running MythTV over Ubuntu, the Quad-Core workstation replacement is still booting Windows XP (as my bread and butter is .NET development).

I've been playing around with Ubuntu for a little over a year now, and although I still consider myself a Linux noob, I feel pretty comfortable working and playing on those machines. I have an older Pentium II machine sitting under my desk next to my workstation running Ubuntu with its monitor sitting next to my Window's two monitors, sharing the keyboard and mouse via Synergy – so I have quick and easy access to a Ubuntu box for experimentation. I also have a headless Ubuntu box in the garage streaming a distant radio station, so I can listen to it anywhere I have net access – at home, at work (about an hour commute from my house) or on the road via my MDA Smartphone. I also have a very old laptop with Ubuntu on it, but I hardly use it since it is so underpowered anyway.

So when Hardy Heron is released on 24-Apr-2008, I'll be loading it onto my old workstation and replacing the Ubuntu box under my desk, and playing with all the latest wiz-bang Compiz graphics. As for the old HTPC box, I will probably do a case transplant to move the hardware into something a little less cramped, load Ubuntu on it, and set it up for my wife, who is currently running on an old Win2K box. And what I am going to do with the two old boxes I free up? I'm not sure right now, but I'm almost positive they will be running Ubuntu as well!

Oh, yeah – welcome to Teknynja, and if you have any questions about the projects going on around here, please feel free to ask!


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