Vintage TV Mod, Part II

In our last installment, I gutted the old television cabinet and prepared it for the updated electronics. This time, I'll cover the real heart of this mod, the LCD display.I removed the old CRT bezel from the front panel of the TV, because even though it would have looked cool to have an old-fashioned round screen, it would have covered some of the essential parts of the display, like the menus and title bar controls. I had an old 15” LCD monitor sitting out in the garage after I updated to a wide screen monitor on my workstation, so I grabbed it and checked to make sure that it would remember its power state when the AC was removed – I didn't want to have to be constantly pressing a button to turn the monitor on.After verifying that that the power worked as needed, I disassembled the monitor case and removed the screen and electronics. I then used some standoffs to mount the control buttons on the back of the monitor, so I would be able to access them from inside the case once it was mounted in the cabinet.The actual display panel was a little bit smaller than the glass opening at the front of the TV, so I found a simple black picture frame to act as a bezel and mounted it to the front panel. I was then able to use the original mounting tabs on the LCD panel to attach it to the picture frame.You could still see a little of the metal frame of the LCD panel inside the frame, but it didn't look too bad, and I'd rather be able to see all the pixels on the screen anyway.After getting everything mounted and placed back into the cabinet, I connected it up to power and a PC to see what the display would look like. Of course, I had to try out an old black and white movie on the newly mounted screen – the effect was rather convincing! Next time, on “This Old TV”, I'll show how I put the knobs back on and made them functional, as well as the replacement speakers for the set.


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