“Time” to Geek

One of my wife's friends traveled to England a few weeks ago, and brought back a special item that I requested. Just in case my status as a geek was in question, this item should eliminate any doubts. The item is my newly acquired Doctor Who 2008 Calendar.I know, the year is already a third over, but I've been eying this calendar since before Christmas. The only reputable place I could find to order it online was Amazon UK, but the shipping was just too much. So when my wife's friend asked if there was anything I wanted when she went to England, I didn't hesitate. I have been a fan of the show since I was a young boy, watching episodes on Saturday mornings on the local PBS station, sometimes with my dad.
They say you imprint with your first doctor, which for me was Jon Pertwee, but my favorite doctor is actually Tom Baker, with his arrogant, Sherlock Holmes style. There is plenty on the web written about Doctor Who and all the doctors, so I won't try to cover that ground again here. The original series ended in 1989, but a new series started up again in 2005, and I still look forward to each episode. I am also a big fan of the spin-off series Torchwood, which is a great show in it's own right. Torchwood is a bit too adult for my little girl, but another Doctor Who spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures is aimed at the younger set and usually keeps my daughter on the edge of the couch. And in case the whole Doctor Who thing doesn't cement my geek status, ask me to talk about Red Dwarf or Blake's Seven some day.


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